An Inspiring Musician, Comedian, and Keynote Speaker

"Education & Entertainment At Its Best"

What Does He Do?

bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He plays with 2 ordinary household tablespoons with music in the background.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He has an audience Sing-A-Long competition. Everyone gets involved.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Hilarious Impressions.  A-Rock-N-Roll and A Rap-Spoon Player.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He creates a Mountain Band out of the students and staff.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He jumps into the audience playing spoons on their hands. Everyone gets "spooned."
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He has great educational messages, which are blended into his show.

Programs (click on title for more information)
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Respecting Yourself & Others
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Catch The Rhythm of Reading
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Just Plain Fun Comedy Show
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Stopping the Bully
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Family Night
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Drug Prevention Message
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Spoon Playing Workshops
  (All shows approximately 45 minutes)

Some Of The Nice Things People Have Said
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Jamieson School - Kerry Doan PTO
"Jim, FANTASTIC! as you began your first show, I intended to stay for only 10 minutes as I had to get to work. But I found myself unable to leave- your energy, enthusiasm, and talent was contagious and kept me riveted to my chair to the very end of the show."
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North Road Elementary - Brenda McLaughlin, Assembly Coordinator
"I've had comments made to me by the teachers stating 'best assembly and a lot of fun, worth every penny', I hope we can have him back again!' The students were very motivated by your message and loved your spooning-of course they all tried their hand at it."
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St. John's Lutheran - Sue Miller, Assistant Principal
"Jim, the students are still talking about your performances, especially the 'Hillbilly Band. 'Our parents really enjoyed your message about drugs and felt it was worth their while to come!' May God continue to bless you."
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South Elementary - Genie Tobias, Principal
"Out of all the acts we've had, yours was the first one in which the kids were begging me to have you back again."
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Grissom Elementary - Doug Stewart
"I've seen some teachers smile for the first time. We'll definitely have you back again. Great Job."
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Marshall Elementary - Debbie Worley, PTA President
"Out of all the schools I called in my district, your show was the most recommended over everyone else."
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St. Mary's School - Sue Kelly, Principal
"Your humor and talent entertained us and brightened our day with tears of laughter in many of our eyes."
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Parkview Elementary - Susan Lukaart, Principal
"The message was clear to our students! Someone with your charisma
can send out the 'respect' message and have clout! Thank you for a meaningful and high energy performance."
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Collins Elementary - Gail Quinn, Cultural arts Committee
"Your show was outstanding! The student body were all involved in laughter during the entire
show. We've also heard how COOL it was that Spoon Man played spoons right on everyone's hands. You are definitely a winner. We at Collins would highly recommend your show."
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Pewaukee PTO - Liz DeLatt, PTO Chairperson
"The response to your program was terrific!! The kids were very impressed
with your message of respecting themselves and others. That night when I returned to school to pick up our 5th grader, a student actually held the door open for me. That was a pleasant surprise!!"
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BC-IG Elementary School - Kathi Ketelsen, Guidance Counselor
"In one short phrase, it was FABULOUS!!!
It's always difficult to find someone who will appeal to teachers and students alike, across the varied age groups of kindergarten to fifth grade. Both students and teachers made positive comments after the show. We even had some preschoolers who were enthralled."
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Kent County Juvenile Court - Dana, Activities Director
" Jim, the Juvi kids and staff loved
your performance! We've had many visiting artists here recently, and you were the only one that drew a crowd in the hallway as well as in the chapel! I admire your trust in yourself, in following your dreams. I hope we will have the pleasure of your company again soon."
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Rogers Lane Elementary - Joyce Grumment, 2nd Grade Teacher
"Jim, the staff's opinion was very positive and you can tell by the enclosed letters how my class enjoyed it. Better move over, these kids are really getting into the spoons. Thanks."
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Big Brothers/Big Sisters - Mike Urschalitz, Social Worker
"In my 6 years at Big Brothers/Big Sisters, this show was by far the best in its entertainment and appeal to all ages. Many of our volunteers also said this was the best entertainment they have seen yet at the dinner."
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Central Elementary - Verne Sawyer, Principal
"You were the first program that I've seen that could entertain both the 1st graders as well as the 6th graders throughout your show."
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Martel Elementary - Kathy Davison, Principal
"The principal from Bemis Elementary was absolutely correct. You were the best show
we have ever had."
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Lerna Elementary - Cindy Ebinger, PTO
"Just wanted to thank you again for a great performance
at our little school today. I have never missed an assembly since my daughter has been in school (she was the one in the chair with the cast on her leg - 2nd grader), and this one was certainly one of the best!  I have never heard the school walls rattle with laughter from the children as they did today. You're doing a great thing!"
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Marysville Elementary - Mrs. Heim's, Teacher
"Our class really enjoyed your show yesterday. I was wondering how you were going to keep us all entertained for a long period of time with your spoons.  I love the message you gave to the students. You do very good in getting that message across."
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Gardens Elementary - Gloria, Parent
"Today my son Lain attended your presentation.  He is in the 1st grade and he is running about 'playing spoons' as I type, and he dictates. He wants you to know that he loves playing the spoons and that he thought your show was awesome today.  Radical, I am being corrected.He says he wants to grow up and be like you.  He said that you looked as good as you do because you stayed away from drugs   Which I think is great and awesome, myself.It is time for bed (school night) and Lain says have a good night."

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Seaborn Elementary - Suzan Stabile, Parent
"Thank you so much for your wonderful show
.  Both of my daughters, Britney 3rd grade & Sara 1st grade haven't stopped talking about you since they came home from school yesterday. Not to mention the amount of spoon clanging going on in the house!!!!I was told we had to visit your web page !!!  Here we are, so now they can go to school this morning and tell their friends!"
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Coventry Elementary - April Minatrea, Teacher
"I'm a substitute teacher and attended the assembly today. I wanted to let you know
I thoroughly enjoyed the program, as did the fifty or so first and second graders in my care.  I liked both the message and the method of presentation.  I'll be sending an e-mail to Dave Letterman as well. Thanks for an enjoyable afternoon and best of luck."
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Medinah Intermediate School - Dennis Hayes, Library Media Tech
"Just wanted to let you know you did a terrific show
. It's hard to get young kids to pay attention and sit fairly still that long.  I was the 'impartial judge' you selected.  Thanks again! Nice job!"
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Nicolet Elementary - Jennifer Klapka, Teacher
"Just wanted to let you know that my kids and I really enjoyed your show.  It was funny, entertaining and educational!!!  Thank you.  I especially liked how you mentioned the importance of getting an education and reading.  Thanks again!!!!"
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Worthington Elementary - Mrs. Karazsia's, 1st Grade Class
"You are really good at spoons. We really liked the show.  We hope that you come here again." 
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West Ridge Elementary - Mr. Vande Berg's 4th Grade Class
"We just returned from watching your show at the Harlan High School Auditorium. Jonny from our class was excited to be picked to help and to get 'spooned.'  Good luck and we enjoyed the show."
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Buford School - Mrs. Ice's Kindergarten Class
"We loved your show. We saw you at Buford School in Mt. Vernon, IL. We liked when you were playing the spoons on your bottom.  We also liked it when you played the spoons on our hands.  We thought it was really funny when the Hill Billy Band played and when you wore that silly hat with the long hair. We hope that we can see another one of your shows again.  Thank you for coming to Mt. Vernon, we thought your show was really, really cool!"
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Immaculate Conception School - Jen, 8th Grade
"I wanted to tell you that I thought you show was really cool. I'm in 8th grade, and I'm sure you know we usually don't get to involved with the school assemblies, but your show was really fun! All my friends and I were laughing the whole time, thanks for giving us a good time!"
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Liberty Elementary - Thomas, Student
"I thought your show was great. It was neat how you played the spoons on everyone. I am practicing playing the spoons. I am getting good at it. I am a fellow spooner."
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Roguewood Elementary - Tara, 1st Grade
"I would like to go to one of your programs one day. I really
enjoyed your show when you came to my school. I hope to someday be able to play the spoons just like  you. Thank you for playing your spoons on my hand."
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Medinah Intermediate School - Katie & Jessica, Students
"We enjoyed your presentation this afternoon very much.  We both are learning how to play the spoons and we can play the alphabet and London Bridge is falling down.  We made up a game where two or more people have a pair of spoons and we listen to a song on the radio and who ever plays a rhythm from that song is the winner.  We liked your show a lot and hope that you will come again and perform again for us!"
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Gardens School - Amelia, Student
"Thank you for coming to our school. That is really cool!!! If you really want to know what I felt at first, I thought it was going to be kind of boring because my teacher said we were going to see a assembly on the 'Spoon Man'. But I have to tell you I really enjoyed it. It was so fun seeing you dance and play the spoons at the same time. It is a good influential thing which makes old and young people think they could do anything. For instance, becoming a teacher or being the first to land on mars or something wacky and out of this world kind of thing!!! On behalf of my class I would like to thank you for coming to our school."
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Jefferson Elementary - Tate, Student
"You are REALLY funny
and it was really funny when you  had Mr.Webber come up there and you put a goldilocks wig on him. Thanks For coming to our school." 
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Eastside School - Billy,Student
"Hi it's me Billy . Are you going to do another show in McLeansboro soon? I liked your show at East Side School! It rocks!! I am a big fan of Elvis!! I thought it was funny when you did an impression of Elvis!! hope to see you soon."
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Flaget Elementary - Elizabeth & Jenna, 3rd Grade
"We mostly loved the hillbilly band. It was funny  when little squirt  was up there. We laughed when you did the impression of Elvis. We learned to say no to drugs. "                                        
spoons1.gif (3412 bytes)

Ravinia  School - Kyle, 2nd Grade
"I absolutely have to say your show was awesome. When you picked out one of my good friends to put on the Pippy Longstocking wig I couldn't stop laughing. I just loved your show. Just come back some day if possible. Also I have to say my second grade buddy just rushed home as fast as he could to talk to his family about it."
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Highview School - Jennifer, Student
"Hi!  Do you remember I   was  Billyburt with  the rock  and  roll wig I learned how to play the spoons at home! When I grow up I want to be funny like you! My dad said he saw you at the school he works at.  Thanks for coming to my school."
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Heyworth Grade School - Jen, Student
"I thought You were pretty awesome at the spoons. Did you say you learned to play by your Grandpa teaching you? My brother thought you were awesome because he is really good at the drums. I told him that you wanted a drum set when you were 9 but your parents wouldn't get you one."
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Custer School - Nathan, 1st Grade
"After your show and after school I went home and tried to play the spoons. I was really good. But I tried a new way.  I put on a show for my Dad. Thank you for teaching me about the spoons.  My Dad doesn't know how I do it."
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Apollo Elementary - Daniel, 3rd Grade
"I saw your show.I thought it was awesome.The funniest part was when Nancy went up on stage. It was funny when you let her play the marrocca. Your line about having bolts in the morrocca was hysterical.I thought it was funny when you put the white hair on. Hope you come to our school again."
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St. Bridget School - James, 1st Grade
"I liked the show. My favorite part was when you played the spoons on my hand. I hope you come back to my school again.PS - Mom and Dad thought the show was great also. Keep up the excellent entertainment and valuable message that you send to all the kids. Best of Luck."
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Farrand Elementary - Ms. Diane, Teacher

"Just wanted to let you know how much we (enjoyed) your show. We went back to our school and had spoons and pudding in your honor. We went through over 150 plastic spoons for just 44 kids..... they all played spoons most of the afternoon. Thanks for finding your talent and sharing it with us... you were great!!!!!!!!!!!"
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St. Angela School - Meggie, 8th Grade
"You really helped me see that I can be anything I want ,even a spoon player, if I say no to drugs. My friend and I walked home from school today in those nifty hats you gave us! I have one you have to take lessons to become a spoon player? Well, thanks a lot for talking to my grade!"
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St. John's School - Kaity Taylor, 1st Grade
"I thought you were awesome. Do you have snow in Michigan? We got about 4 inches yesterday. I have been trying to play the spoons. I put 2 spoons together and put a rubber band around them. I played them on my mom's head. I did it to my dad too, and he didn't like it. My mom just laughed and we did it to the cat too.Thank you for coming to my school."
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Immaculate Conception School- Michael, 4th Grade
"You are so funny . The hillbilly act was awesome. You are sure good at the spoons.I went to your web page too. I kind of know how to do the spoons, but not better than you . I saw some teachers crying you were so funny. I really liked your SHOW VERY MUCH. I think you are a smart guy. Is that bully thing really true when you were in seventh grade?"
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Central School - Ms. Palma, Music Teacher
"Hi Spoon Man! We're the music class that just listened to your show, and we LOVED it! By the way, how do you tune your spoons? Ha! We loved the Hillbilly band. Thanks for coming to see us, we had a great time!!!!!"
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Sowers Elementary - Dylan Swank, Kindergarten
"I liked your performance today. I wanted to thank you for the great show. I wish I could see you again here in Roanoke because I really enjoyed your show! You can find me here anytime, and I hope to see you again.Bye and thank you."
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Eastview Elementary - Susan Yocum, Teacher
"Thank you for the wonderful opening to our Eastview Day.You did an excellent program and we ALL enjoyed it."
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Dimmick School - Rita Stevenson, Principal
"You were the best assembly we've had. We will definitely have you back again!"
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Nettie Davis Elementary - Robert P. Walter Jr., Principal
"The children and staff members were all very impressed by your presentation. You have inspired a potential orchestra of spoon players in this school. You did and excellent job with the large groups and made quite an impression on the students. I reviewed with my Kindergarten and First Grade students your three points and the teachers used your performance as a teaching moment regarding reading. Thank you very much for the great job!"
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St. Sebastian School- Mary Jo Welch, Principal
"Thanks you so much for your wonderful presentation. The faculty was very impressed with your inspirational words to the kids. Thanks for the laughs. It was so heartwarming to receive your blessing at the end of your show. The kids need to hear from adults whose faith is important in their lives."
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