Charlie Pride
Mr. Rogers
John Davidson

100 Years Young

An Inspiring Musician, Comedian, and Keynote Speaker

A Senior's Musical Interactive Comedian Serving up FUN by the SPOON-ful.

What Does He Do?

bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He has a musical interactive comedy show presenting the old musical traditional art form of spoon playing.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He has an audience Sing-A-Long competition. Everyone gets involved.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Hilarious Impressions.  Sinatra as a spoon player.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He creates a Mountain Band out of 3 residents.
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He jumps into the audience playing spoons on their hands. Everyone gets "spooned."
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) He also has danger in his show playing forks, knives & pie servers!

Some Of The Nice Things People Have Said

Shell Point Retirement Community - Suzi Anderson, Activities Coordinator
"We are so pleased to have you perform for out assisted living buildings. We look forward to having you back again.

Here are some quotes from the residents 'He is terrific, full of energy and keeps us smiling' 'I wish we could have The Spoon Man more often' 'Wow I never saw anyone move like that and make such nice rhythm' and 'He is so funny we love the Mountain Band."

Sheffield Bay Assisted Living Residence - Brenna Zaplitny, Director of Resident Service
"Thank you for putting on a great show. Your professionalism and unique talent make you the premier senior citizen home entertainer.

You have the incredible ability to involve the entire audience in a way that makes each member feel unique, special and happy. I appreciate your flexibility and reliability and found communicating with you to be a pleasure. I would highly recommend your show to others and am looking forward to having you back in the future."

Spring Hills Hunters Creek - Chelsea Wegener, Director of Recreational Services
"Your performance was engaging and interactive! One of the best performances we have had at Spring Hills Hunters Creek Assisted Living and Memory care. We look forward to your coming back and performing for our residents!"

St. Ann's Assisted Living & Memory Care - Leonard Kurtz, Activities Director
"Thanks for being one of our few yearly performers. We love how you utilize familiar music from the residents past in a lively and engaging manor. We enjoy your direct interaction especially the mountain band. Not only do you have a great spoon playing talent you also have wonderful humor throughout the show making it a very enjoyable experience for our group."

Floridian Gardens Assisted Living Facility - Yadira Alvarado, Director of Activities
"Thank you for coming, we enjoyed your performance. We are looking forward to you coming back again. The residents loved it!"

Solaris HealthCare Bayonet Point - Melanie Paradise, Activity Director
"Jim, You were very entertaining and a great talent. Here are some quotes from the residents. ' You were very enjoyable and lots of fun' & I loved being able to participate and be part of the show'."

Welcome to the Show!
Mountain Band
Independent Living Pre-Mountain Band
Singing Along
Billy Bob
Yee Hah!
The more wheelchairs the better
True Love
Getting Spooned!
Spooned Again
Happy Spooning

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