An Inspiring Musician, Comedian, and Keynote Speaker

"Education & Entertainment At Its Best"

The following clips represent a portion of my shows.

The songs I perform depend on the audience and venue.

Please click on the headings below to view the video...and enjoy.

Schools / Libraries / Family Shows
On Stage (4:12) Newest Video (6:01) Flaming Spoons (3:22)
Award Winning Music Video (4:45) Spoons, Forks, Butter Knives & Pie Servers (3:03) Some Characters (4:12)
My First TV Appearance in England (3:27)
Fairs & Festivals
Flaming Spoons on the Street (1:59) Strolling (1:40) Fair Stage (4:02)
Fly Fishing for Steelhead in Michigan (43:47)


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